Short Description

ASIA is a tool that supports the semantic annotation of tabular data with two main objectives: knowledge graph generation from tabular data and semantic enrichment of tabular data with third-party data sources. For semantic enrichment, ASIA interoperates with two families of services: semantic reconciliation services to reconcile values against shared systems of identifiers (currently supported services include Wikifier, GeoNames, Google GeoTargets, Google ProductServices, GFK Product), and data extension services to use shared systems of identifiers as join points to extend the source data with new data from third-party sources (currently supported services fetch data from GeoNames, ECMWF Weather Data, GFK Product Catalog). New services can be easily plugged into the application using standards supported by a community of developers. ASIA is also integrated with the Grafterizer 2.0 tool, to support end-to-end data cleansing, transformation and semantic enrichment at scale.

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