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The EW-Shopp project aims at deploying and hosting a cross-lingual platform to easily integrate multilingual customer and market related data with weather and event data. This platform will enable fragmented European business ecosystem to increase efficiency and competitiveness through building relevant custom insights and business knowledge. Overall, the project will open up the door to a new generation of business intelligence services and market analyses, demonstrating the impact of such integration with several different business cases and by deploying new marketable services for a variety of stakeholders in the e-commerce, retail and marketing domains.


Our lab, on behalf of University of Milan-Bicocca, is general coordinator of EW-Shopp and a technology provider. In particular, we played a major contribution in the design of the EW-Shopp platform, to which we contribute with the following technologies:
– ASIA, a semantic data enrichment tool, which is built on top of DataGraft, and used to let business users enrich their data with third party data using data linking intelligence; ASIA is built starting from our previous tool STAN.
ABSTAT, a knowledge graph profiling tool that build and let users access profiles of large and complex knowledge graphs, helping users and machines understand the data and inspect their quality.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 732590.

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