Short Description

In the recent years, the amount of user generated contents shared on the Web has significantly increased, especially in social media environment, e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Google+. This large quantity of data has generated the need of reactive and sophisticated systems for capturing and understanding the underlying information enclosed in them.
TWINE is a real-time system for the exploration of information extracted from Twitter streams to help users gaining insights into these streams. The proposed system based on a Named Entity Recognition and Linking pipeline, which extracts real-world entities mentioned in tweets, link these mentions to entities described in the DBpedia knowledge base, and use these entities and additional information to provide multi-dimensional spatial analysis of processed tweets. TWINE is supported by a scalable and flexible architecture based on Big Data technologies.
A user can define her own search keywords that are used by TWINE to retrieve a stream of tweets. Tweets are analyzed in real-time and can be visualised and filtered using TWINE interfaces.


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