Short Description

AutomAPIc (Automatic Composition of API) is a web application conceived, designed and developed by the Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication (DISCO) of the University of Milano – Bicocca. The web application showcases several new approaches to fullfil three main tasks. Given a Restful Web API, this application helps the developer to: make a machine-readable standard documentation of an API, following OAI specification; (semi-)automatically enrich this documentation with semantic annotations; make composition of different APIs, which were already processed following the previous steps, with a user-friendly interface.


AutomAPIc provides a customized Swagger editor, which assists the developer in the compilation of a standard description of an API; when this description is completed, it is processed by an algorithm that identifies and invokes the GET resources of this API, transforming the RESPONSES in a tabular structure. Subsequentially, another UI tool deals with the semi-automatic table interpretation, in order to enrich the extrapolated data with semantic annotations, allowing the user to choose the best annotation suggested by the tool itself. Finally, the API documentation will be enriched with these semantic information, so that several APIs which contain similar semantic concepts can be searched, explored and combined with an other UI tool.