Short Description

STAN is an online prototype tool that supports the annotation of tables with semantics from popular ontologies and knowledge bases. You can upload a table in CSV format and use STAN interface to annotate the columns of the table and export your data as an RDF graph.


In a manual annotation process, we have incorporated an algorithm to suggest the best properties to use for the annotation of the tables columns. The algorithm considers the type of the property’s subjects (as provided by a user) and the values in the column to estimate the properties of a knowledge base that better capture the semantics of the column. At the moment the tool uses DBpedia as knowledge bases and suggest properties from the DBpedia ontologies. Other manual annotation steps are supported with text autocompletion and similar facilities. Although intelligent suggestions are now available only for the property annotation task, STAN supports an end-to-end process for the publication of an input CSV table in RDF using DBpedia ontologies.