DIPPS project

Digital Intervention in Psychiatric and Psychologist Services.

DIPPS is a multichannel platform (e.g., web, mobile, chatbot) that enables 24/7 patient monitoring with the goal of reducing the risk of exacerbation of the clinical picture in psychiatric settings. Specifically, through the digitization of key psychodiagnostic tools and the development of predictive and decision-support models (e.g., Bayesian networks), the aim is to personalize a patient's treatment pathway from a (tele)medical perspective, simplify diagnosis processes, and increase knowledge of complex psychopathologies



The ultimate goal of the DIPPS project is the creation of a decision support system capable of supporting the decision-making processes involved in establishing the diagnosis, through the use of a Bayesian network. The project takes the form of developing a platform consisting of three communication channels: a mobile application to monitor patients 24/7, a chatbot to simplify communication between therapist and patient, and a dashboard to help the therapist manage the entire therapeutic and diagnostic process.

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