Psychosis Early INtervention

PEnguIN is an enabling ICT system, which allows to provide support to people at high risk of psychosis, through the use of a mobile application and the digitization of psychodiagnostic tests

PEnguIN is part of the DIPPS project


ICT in the prevention of psychosis for UHR and FEP patients

Penguin is a mobile application capable of monitor lifestyle by tracking food, sleep and physical activity, present the the digitization of tests and psychodiagnostic tools usually provided in paper form and allow instant communication between the patient and the therapist also through a chatbot able to assist the patient in the absence of the therapist. This chatbot aim to simplify the process of intercation with the application throught proactive reminder about particular events placed on the agend, taking specific drugs, traking of certain physiological parameters and, most important, the complation of task for monitoring the onset sympotoms of psychosis

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